At KH we have carried out a large number of broadcast projects of varying size and complexity. Our ability to fully understand the customer’s requirements ensure a successful tailor made solution is delivered every time.


  • Ascent Media, UK
    Multi-channel Server based Playout systems
  • Bournemouth University, UK
    Production Studio
  • CSWP, UK
    Production Studio
  • Current TV, Italy
    Remote Controlled Studio from USA
  • Discovery Channel, UK
    HD Server based Playout systems
  • Dubai TV, Dubai
    2 x HD OB
  • EMC, Egypt
    3 x Production Studios, 2 x Continuity Studios
  • ERTU, Egypt
    2 x OB
  • Ghana
    Production Studio and News Studio
  • Libya
    9 x flyaway rigs and 3 Camera Studios
  • Al Kass, Qatar
    5 Camera News Studio
    8 Camera Production studio
  • Ministry of Communications Turkmenistan
    20 Camera HD OB
  • MNET, S.Africa
    Studio 6
  • Poverknost, Ukraine
    24 Camera OB
  • Royal Opera House, UK
    First HD Studio in the UK
  • RSI, Switzerland
    CDC, Sports & News Studios, Studio 2, Studio 1 (HD)
  • Savik Shuster, Ukraine
    Production Studio
  • Sky UK
    VOD and Playout Centre
  • Swansea University, UK
    Production Studio
  • Telegenic
    24 Camera HD OB
    3 x 24 Camera 3D HD OB
    24 Camera HD 4K OB
  • GDS, Georgia
    5 Camera Day Studio
    7 Camera Morning Studio
    13 Camera Club Studio
  • RTS Sonaps, Geneva
    Future News Sonaps system
  • RSI Sonaps, Lugano
    Sonaps News Production system
  • Publisuisse, Switzerland
    Digispot storage and playout system based in Bern, with local playouts in Lugano, Geneva and Zurich