We are able to offer the customer a complete broadcast integration service including the following:


  1. Consultancy
  2. Project Planning & Management
  3. Design & Engineering
  4. Integration
  5. Testing & Commissioning
  6. Documentation


From concept to realisation we are able to assist our clients at every stage of the process. Whatever support you may require with any or every aspect of your project we can provide the optimal solution to budget and on time. KH are able to help the customer identify their current and future requirements at the consultancy stage to find the best solutions.


Once the installation has been completed, comprehensive testing is conducted on the full system and results are documented and provided with the final drawing package.


Documentation is provided in both hard copy and electronic format containing:


  1. System Schematics
  2. Cable Schedules
  3. Rack Elevations
  4. Equipment Serial Number list
  5. All Manufacturers equipment manuals